Susavar is a dimension parallel to that of Erdyn constructed by the Elven Gods to be home to the elves. The elves settled the dimension shortly after its creation, formation several independent kingdoms that largely thrived on their own. It wasn't until a significant disagreement about the use of light or dark magic that caused a schism that tore the native elves into two factions: light elves, led by Queen Alyta; and the dark elves, led by King Merineas.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The dimension of Susavar is the same climate and seasons as that of Erdyn, with the only difference being the waters containing specks of magic itself, feeding the land more effectively. Most of the magically-enhanced waters' effect can be seen within the "highlands" of Susavar, whereas the "lowlands" are more desolate and contain monstrous beasts as its inhabitants.

  • Emalvan "Highlands"
    • Thanic
    • Beaic
    • Moraish
    • Ledaan
    • Atezin
  • Qanaras "Lowlands"
    • Nukaen
    • Krevin
    • Tanaric
    • Tarokan

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

The primary race of beings that inhabit Susavar were the elves, who the dimension was initially creator for. The elves eventually split off into two factions and later into distinct subraces that have changed much in abilities, outward appearance, and general personality. Those who lived in the highlands (called High Elves and Light Elves) developed a thinner frame, lighter skin, and more adept magical abilities while the lowlander (Deep or Dark elves) are more athletic, varying skin, and more feasting combat-related magical skills.

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