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An individual who possesses immortality are those who have an indefinite lifespan, compared to those who are mortal and eventually die from old age. Although seemingly meaning the same thing, there are various subtypes of immortality that other often have. Most who have been born within an inherently immortal race will only become immortal once they reach their age of maturity or it triggers from an outside stimuli.

  • True Immortality: Typically reserved for gods and other divine creatures, those who are truly immortal do not age and are immune to diseases. They require enough magical energy, often referred to as divine, in order to injure or kill.
  • Conditional Immortality: The subject becomes biologically immortal once they reach a certain condition within their life, stopping their ageing process at moment of activation. They also possess a deactivation condition that will negate their immortality once triggered.
  • Lower Immortality: These are those who cannot age and remain active indefinitely. However, they are vulnerable to injuries, magic, and disease. They can be killed through powerful enough magic.

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